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We understand the work required to build your business and how important it is to maximize returns. Through exhaustive research on your specific industry, we identify a methodical approach to obtain the best outcome when selling your business.  
Specializing in connecting buyers with sellers.

 We help navigate the sellers’ market to receive maximum value from every transaction.
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The Intuition Enterprise Advantage

With over 20 years of experience in Mergers and Acquisitions our team has developed a seamless approach to buyers and sellers achieving the best outcomes. Our team work tirelessly to deliver unrivaled results and value for your business. 

Access: Our immense database, PeerComps provides reliable and unbiased information to locate business. PeerComps also provides a powerful and accurate business valuation calculator.

Connections: Countless experience in merger and acquisition integration have expanded our reach throughout the Chicagoland area.

Marketing: We offer advertising on highly utilized sites and apps including: LinkedIn, social media platforms, and our website.

Confidentiality: We aim to make the process of acquiring or selling your business completely confidential to prevent any disturbances in your company.
We help you maintain confidentiality,   walk you through the business sale process and guide you with succession planning so you can focus on running your business.

Industry Assessment

PricewaterhouseCoopers ( PwC’s) recent 2017 M&A Integration Survey Report finds that the struggle to derive value from M&A continues to challenge organizations, with Strategic Success (55%), Financial Success (50%), and Operational Success (47%) reported at disappointing rates. Recent research (The Impact of Corporate Cultural Distance on Mergers and Acquisitions, 2016) reconfirms the negative impact of cultural differences on deal completion time and probability, synergy returns and multiple aspects of performance.
The good news according to the PwC 2017 study is that Integration Teams are starting earlier in the process such as at Deal Screening (32%), Post Letter of Intent (21%) and during Due Diligence (21%) with only 2% waiting to engage Post-Close. Starting early and using robust tools has potential to address culture risks and impact M&A value.