Disruptive Green Construction Material Business


This company  will produce a NEW, PROPRIETARY, GREEN construction material that architects, engineers, and builders say will practically revolutionize the construction industry. This new, proprietary, green material replaces wood, brick, concrete, cement block, siding, vapor barriers,
insulation, drywall, and roofing tiles. It can be formulated and molded into various shapes, sizes, and finishes for a variety of applications, including, but not limited to: exterior and interior walls, roof tiles, foundations, walk ways, driveways, patios, swimming pools, retainer walls, sea walls, accent pieces, etc. This versatile material can be made totally impervious to water, fire, mildew, mold, insects, high (EF5) winds, rust, rot, humidity, cracking, and temperature extremes; will last for centuries with little or no maintenance. It has been thoroughly tested by professional independent laboratories with test results available to demonstrate its unique qualities unmatched by present-day building materials.

An Executive Summary and a Competive Business Review / Memorandum is available. 

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